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Toyota News (updated 1-16-2020): US car and truck sales • Quality charts • Massive 2018-19 recall

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Toyoland is dedicated to Toyota cars, minivans, and trucks, including company history; we cover nearly every Toyota, Scion, and Lexus car, truck, and van sold in North America. Our next major site update is in progress (latest: 2020 Avalon)

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About Toyota

Toyota is one of the world’s largest automakers, producing the largest range of hybrid-electric cars and some of the toughest trucks, including the legendary Land Cruiser. The Toyota Corolla, RAV4, and Camry alone outsell most other automakers’ full lines.

Toyota developed the world’s foremost hybrid-electric system and is in the lead even now, albeit not so much in PHEVs. Toyota, which is still run by the founding family, the Toyodas, owns about a quarter of Denso, the world’s second largest parts supplier.

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