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What future Toyota cars and trucks will we see from Toyota USA?

When we talk years, we usually mean model years; cars for the next model year show up around September 1, in most cases. Last update: May 22, 2018

The next launch is the Lexus UX, a subcompact crossover which is presumably on the TNGA platform.

Toyota, like most other automakers, is trying to move cars onto a common platform (a set of dimensions and, usually, architectures); the 2018-19 Corolla, Camry, RAV4, and Avalon are moving together onto a single platform which appears to be a major advance from the prior generation, with more money put into the suspension and chassis. Years of product-based cost-cutting are being reversed with the new generations.

2019 Toyota RAV4

The 2019 Toyota Corolla has been shown, but only in hatchback form; it boasts a new 2-liter engine and a 60% increase in torsional rigidity, and the combination may well leapfrog the dated Corolla past Honda, Mazda, and other competitors.

Toyota is moving into a joint venture with Mazda for United States production, and worked with Subaru, which is partly owns, on a sports car.

In 2009, nearly ten years ago, Akio Toyoda took control of Toyota as President and almost immediately dropped his predecessor’s plan to boost global market share, instead changing Toyota’s priorities to focus on high-quality, affordable cars. Akio Toyoda said that rapid growth had strained Toyota’s resources. Today, Toyota is, like other automakers, pushing resources into the increasingly-popular crossovers; but it has not stopped supporting cars, either.

The Toyota Tundra, a true American-style full-sized pickup, was built and largely engineered in the United States. Plans for heavier duty (three-quarter or full ton) variants seem to have been dropped when sales were less than half of the projections. The big 5.7 liter V8, also used in the Lexus LX570 and the Land Cruiser, has not been substantially updated, like the Tundra itself, is overdue for an overhaul or replacement.

What about Lexus? The IS and GS may be dropped, and the ES may be extended with all wheel drive and a power boost to take up where the GS left off. There will be no sub-$30,000 Lexus cars or crossovers (big surprise). A new three-row Lexus crossover is likely, and the company is looking into other crossover niches. The new ES gained a power boost and an additional two forward gears in the transmission, and moved to the capable new TNGA platform/architecture. A new F Sport package is expected to account for nearly a quarter of new Lexus ES sales.

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