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Is it worth fixing?
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* April 22, 2007, 08:48:11 PM
My sister-in-law is giving me an 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser that has approx. 75,000 miles on it. The transmission needs to be replaced. There is some moderate rusting. It will need a major tune up, fuel filter change, brake inspection, etc. The interior is in alright condition. The drivers seat is beaten up bad.
My question is, is this vehicle worth putting a rebuilt transmission in and basically making it worth driving again.




* April 23, 2007, 04:42:47 PM
Hard to say for sure - depends on what else is wrong.  If it is just the transmission as your major repair - then fixing it would be cheaper than buying a new car - more so if the vehicle is FREE.  Only time I would consider it a bad deal, is if there was some structural damage or if you need something more fuel efficient or more compact than the Land Cruiser.

If a lot of parts need to be purchased, could turn expensive really quick.  4x4 parts are much heavier and more expensive as a function of being more robust.  Parts can be hard to find.  Maintenance and upkeep would be significantly higher than a smaller daily driver - 4 wheel drive eats gas, tires, and brakes.

But if you are looking for a tank and reliable (once you get everything fixed) - can\'t beat the older Land Cruisers.  Especially if equipped with the inline 6 (4.0L or 4.2L) for power, inline 4 is a little weak but easier on gas, they are just about unstoppable in any weather, driving conditions.  Quite a few out there with 300K - 400K miles on them with just normal maintenance.



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