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Toyota Landcruser 1996 diesel
March 23, 2008
any technical infos on how to convert a right hand drive to a left hand with a proper procedure. thanks

March 24, 2008#1
Probabl will not be able to find a detailed procedure floating around online - there are shops that specilize in just doing this kind of conversion, due to its complexity and for job security - most tend to keep that kind of information to themselves. Most information that you will find - will pertain mostly to Nissan Silvas and Honda Civics - as these groups tend to make up the lion's share of work in going from RHD to LHD or vice-versa. Here, they actually make kits available that has all the hard/soft pieces that typically include:

- Dashboard upper part and lower part
- Steering Rack and associated hardware
- AC and Heater Unit / Fan unit
- Brake, Accelerator, and Clutch (if required) Pedals
- Pedal assembly hardware / accelerator cable
- Dashboard bracket bar and mount(note custom fabrication required)
- All ventilation hoses/piping
- Wiring extensions / new connectors
- Power Window extension Harnesses
- Power Window main switch assembly
- Power Window switch cover
- all other model specific interior trim panels

For these more popular models - these kits generally run between $1800-$3000, just for parts. Then you have to add labor on top of that - a good chop should be able to do the work for about $1500/labor - some custom fabrication will run a bit more. For more unusual vehicles or ones that might have a difficult to find donor - costs exceeding $5000 - $10,000 is possible. Some vehicles, like the early Nissan Skylines, not even possible to convert from RHD to LHD - regardless of the cost, due to their complext turbo plumbing through the engine bay.

As most people find out, the cost associated with the conversion process will many times cost more than finding the correct drive vehicle in the target country. For a DIY project - if you have the mechanical know how and equipment, access to all the components (steering rack, firewall modifications, interior trim bits, console boxes, cabin reinforcement, etc.), and a pile of money to do the job - then anything is possible.

To even begin - you have to determine if the subject vehicle is even available in the other drive configuration - that way you will have a donor source to cannabilize parts from to get interior bits, steering components, etc. Then the issue of legality will pop up - as most setups require modifications of the firewall and supporting structure around the passenger cabin. Some jursidictions will not alway such a modified vehicle to be even registered - make sure that if you are set on this course, you are able to legally drive the vehicle when you get done.

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