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May 18, 2006
I have in the past owned both Previa and Sienna All Wheel Drive vans. It is my understanding Toyota quit making the AWD vans for a few years- does anyone know for sure which years they either did or did not make the AWD model's??? thanks, Dave

June 2, 2006#1
Good question and I wish I knew the answer. Did you already check toyoland's Previa/Sienna pages?

June 2, 2006#2
Referring to US models (I'll assume so, since you mentioned Sienna - which was specifically made only for the North American market), the Toyota Previa ran from 1991 to 1997. I dont believe they offered AWD until the 1994 model year when they also offered a supercharged 2.4L four cylinder - but info on them is hard to come by. The Previa ran on to 1997 will minor changes - but as far as I know - no break from AWD.

The Toyota Sienna was introduced in 1998, replacing the Previa. Those models were available, the entire time, with AWD - just hard to find in some areas and restricted to the upper trim levels (LE,XLE, Limited).

June 4, 2006#3
Thanks- I found the info I was looking for. The Toyota Sienna's were only made in AWD starting in 2004 to present. Dave

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