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Tire warranty?? on Highlander
January 8, 2007
I am trying to sell a 2003 Highlander and one prospective buyer asked me a question about the tires. He did not have much info and I cannot find any info online either but he seemed to think there was some lifetime warranty with the tires. I was not and am not aware of anything like that... perhaps he was confused with some special offer or the run-flat tires (which we do not have)... does anyone know anything about a tire warranty/guarantee? Thanks

January 9, 2007#1
Never heard of an OEM standard automobile tire that had a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. There are service plans that you can purchases separately that may take it out that far - under certain circumstances.

Even the run flats have a limited warranty (ruuning any run flat tire with little or no air past the "safe" limit will void their warranty).

Easy way - find the name brand, model, and series of the tire on the car and do a quick search for them. The OEM website will list the warranty for all the tires they sell - this is separate from the warranty that Toyota throws over them.

The only this that I can think of - is one promotion from a muffler shop called Merlin's - they offered a lifetime warranty on tires, but had a strict set of conditions that must be followed or they could void the warranty. Plus keep in mind, that most "extended" warranties do not automatically transfer to the new owner.

Like you, sounds to me that this person is confusing tow separate items.

Good luck.

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