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supra eng into hilux?
June 12, 2006
hello everyone, just signed up.
i'm thinking of putting a 3.0(straight 6?) twin turbo engine and box into my 2.4d hilux. not knowing much about the supra's lump i thought i'd find people who do.

any info will be much appretiated.

June 12, 2006#1
Havent seen it done in a HiLux - but there are several Tacomas (basically a HiLux clone) running that type of swap here in the States. Not a straight swap - but the layout makes it easier to work with. Hardest part of the swap is fitment in the engine bay (inline six is bigger than you think) and mating the transmission to differential (lots of adjustments, being able to fabricate and weld in brackets one the spot a plus). Also mating the swap with the available differentials on the HilUx might be tough. Some have given up their 4WD or rear differential and just transplanted the independant rear end off the Supra,

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