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steering wheel lock messed up
January 9, 2007
I have an 89 Corolla. The key broke off in the ignition and couldnt turn it on. By trial and error, I took apart the steering wheel and ignition lock cylinder, removed the broken key, then put everything back together. Everything worked when done, except... The steering wheel is unlocked when key is in off position, and locked when in the on position. I'm baffled because everything went back together in what seemed like the only way possible. And everything works properly except the wheel lock. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.

January 9, 2007#1
Hmm - did you make sure the key was installed in the lock and turned to RUN or ON before you installed it in the car. Many ignition lock have a key way that is properly engaged when the lock clyinder has a the key installed before reassembly. Sounds like the key way is flipped around or even has originally damaged inside the lock.

Havent tried to replace any in my Toyotas, but on one domestic and another import vehicle I had years ago - you had to insert the key first, turn to RUN or ON, use a pick to push in a locking tab under the lock and the cylinder will pop out. With a broken key in lock - many times, you have to destroy the lock to get it out or find some way to rotate the assembly with the stub inside. if I just inserted the lock with the key - the cylinder will fit, but will not unlock in the RUN or ON position.

January 10, 2007#2
I figured it out. The shaft that goes from the key cylinder to the switch was turned upside down. Everything OK now. Thanks for your advice.

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