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October 4, 2007
I have camry 90 v6 with some starting problem. When I turn the ignition key sometimes it starts immediately, sometimes I have just click and after few trials will start and sometimes it will not. It was like this for more than a year or two.
In order to narrow down the problem I run bypass wire directly from starter to positive post at the batery. This wire is not connected to the batery but redy to use in case. My logic at that time was that the problem was either ignition or transmission switch (i eliminated batery as a potential cause).
Now, every time when I can not start the car by turning the key, I am openning the hood, and with the key in ignition in "on" position, touching the batery with the wire from the starter ALWAYS WORKS. As I said it works like this for more than a year. I can obviously leave it like this, but still would like to know what is the real cause.
Thanks for any advice

October 5, 2007#1
Definitely sounds like it is the ignition switch or a bad starter relay, could even be both. A starter lockout from the transmission is also a possibilty, as that did affect some newer Camrys. For that vintage of Camry, I'd definitely would check the relay. Since the issue is intermittent - could be an eletrical contact issue from corrosion or damaged wire. I would start with testing the starter relay - if that checks out, then start a wiring check from the starter and run back to the ignition switch - looking for obvious signs of damage. Good Luck.

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