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April 30, 2007
Was putting together a discount deal for some other groups and added ToyoLand to the mix. Got word from the ScanGauge folks - here's the deal...

Quote from: Linear Logic

Trip computer
It will save 4 sets of trip data: Current, Today, Previous day, and Tank data.

Scan Tool
This will read/clear trouble codes, along with saving the conditions that were going on when the trouble code was sent by your car's computer.

Digital Gauges
You can display up to 4 gauges at one time including:
Fuel Economy, Fuel Rate, Digital Speedometer, Engine Load, Manifold Pressure, Tachometer, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Ignition Timing, Throttle Position, Open/Closed Loop, and more!

You can change the backlight to 7 pre-set colors, or customize your own with 63 different possible colors.

Group buy price 149.95 shipped anywhere.
You can purchase an extra cable for 14.95 (normally 19.95)

Send paypal payments to

In your notes on paypal please include your TOYOLAND forum name and the code AEGUS, this code must also be used for phone orders.

Please write in the paypal notes if your payment is for the Gauge + additional Cable.

If you do not have paypal and do not want to sign up for it, you can order over the phone between 8am to 4pm pacific.
Toll-free 888-433-5664 x13

Orders that are placed before 10am MST will usually be shipped on that day. If not, they will be shipped the next day. Shipping will be USPS Priority. And should be received in 2-3 days from ship date.

If you have any questions, post them here, or you can PM or e-mail me at

Good thru the end of May 2007...

April 30, 2007#1
Webmaster note - Toyoland cannot vouch for the company BUT this is not a spam offer .

April 30, 2007#2
Thanks, Dave. No, its not a spam offer.

For those that dont know me - I'm Jim (Stratuscaster) - an admin/moderator for Allpar, ASOG, ASEC, 2GSTRATUS, and the owner/operator of Stratusphere.

In speaking with the ScanGauge folks, I wanted to make this offer available across the forums I work with, and included Toyoland in that group.

DISCLAIMER: I make or get nothing from this offer. Just sharing the opportunity. Hard to believe, I know. So are many other things. ;)

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