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So what car do YOU have?
April 4, 2006
Mine was a 1999 Corolla LE, stick-shift. Fun little car with 38 mpg!

April 4, 2006#1
Current ones:

1996 Toyota Camry LE, auto, ~180K miles
2002 Toyota Corolla S, auto, ~130K miles
2003 Toyota Matrix XRS, 6-speed, ~45K miles
2004 Toyota Tundra DoubleCab, auto, ~5K miles (work truck)

Prior to this - was mostly Mopar, couple of Chevys, one POS Ford, one Honda, and one BMW.

April 4, 2006#2
Nice collection. I like the older Camry - better than the current one, I have to admit! Driving one of those was quite a revelation after years of Mopar. There's no comparison of an Acclaim or Dynasty to a similar year Camry. I found the Matrix fun but ended up with a PT turbo at least partly because I didnt need the gas mileage - I just dont put that many miles on, and the PT was "good enough" (though BARELY good enough. Its the five-speed stick with "real" turbo.) My Corolla was a stick as well - really liked the gas mileage and comfort level. Never had a Ford but did have a couple of Chevys and a VW.

April 16, 2006#3
I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla CE, prior vehicle was a 1999 Toyota Corolla CE that took me to very high mileage until someone here in Toronto ran a red light, and I totaled it. Luckily neither myself nor the other person were hurt. I got a good insurance settlement and applied it towards the purchase of this 2005 model.

April 17, 2006#4
at the risk of sending you away, do you know about

May 11, 2006#5
I have a Scion 2006

May 25, 2006#6
I'm currently in the process of putting a 302 windsor in a 1975 celica. Do you know anyone that has done this or similar ? or any tips ?

August 14, 2006#7
I forgot to mention that I also have an '83 Pickup (2wd). It doesnt look like much, but keeps on tickin'.
The bed is pretty rusted out, but cab is OK (except for floor boards).

The 22R motor is great. I need to spend a little time with it and give it a tune, and try to figure out why the throttle linkage will not spring back to idle.
Currently have a bungie cord hooked from the gas pedal back to the seat frame so it will not rev so high. Thats the kind of thing you have to do to keep it running.
Hey, dont laugh.... it passes state inspection every year this way !


November 13, 2006#8
I have an '83 Cressida with a 5 speed (yup, a 5 speed!) thats pretty clean. 113,000 miles, one owner, garaged all its life. A really neat car.

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