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Question- ECT? power button on gear shift!?!?!
May 29, 2008
i have a 1992 toyota camry it is an automatic and near the gear shift there is a button that says ECT when pressed in it says POWER ON what is it? and what does it do?!?!?! i do not have the manuals for the car so i am completely clueless thanks!

May 29, 2008#1
ECT is the electronically controlled transmission. My guess is the button activates the power mode which gives you a little more responsiveness at the cost of some fuel usage.

May 30, 2008#2
Dave is right - ECT button is there to alter shift strategy. Maximize performance by altering when the transaxle will shift. I have it on my 1996 Camry as well - basically raises the shift points higher in the RPM range. Not a huge difference, but helpful if you plan on towing or something that will load the car down a bit more. Around town and highway driving - I couldnt really tell the difference between the two modes.

June 1, 2008#3
Agreed. If you drive aggressively you may like it better but it'll hurt gas mileage ever so slightly. Thanks for the confirmation.

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