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Previa receiver hitch
June 14, 2008
Has anyone out there got any experience with hitches for a Previa? I'm having trouble finding a class 2 receiver hitch that fits my 1993 LE All Trac. I've tried Hidden Hitch and Draw Tite, neither fited. Toyota used to make one, but not any more. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Chris.

June 16, 2008#1
Getting one from Toyota may be impossible to find at this point. If the ones listed by the other vendors do not fit - you will have to either modify the hitch to fit or try your luck at the various pick and pull yards and see if you can find an Toyoto hitch from a donor Previa.

On my Corolla and Matrix - I had to modify the arms on the hitch (Hidden Hitch) to fit the rear subframe correctly. I found that many of these direct bolt-on hitches will fit some model years - but when they span such a wide range of model years, there are bound to be mid-model changes that you will have to address on your own.

June 26, 2008#2
i do not, sorry

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