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No power to fuel pump
June 1, 2008
My wife's 1991 Toyota Camery stopped running. I could start the car with starter fluid and would quit as the fluid ran out. I figured the fuel pump was out and replaced it. Still had the same problem. I replaced the EFI relay, still no good. With a test light I found out that there was no power to the electrical connection to the fuel pump, there is power to the sending unit. I am thinking that perhaps the power flows through the Engine Main Relay but cannot verify that with the electrical diagrams I have. On another site someone suggested that there is a switch on the Massive Air that has an effect to the power going to the fuel pump. I am unable to verify this also. I have spent $150.00 so far and am reluctant to spend any more on just replacing parts until I can get better information as these other parts are $80 and up.

June 1, 2008#1
Starter fluid? In a cat-equipped, fuel-injected, O2-sensor-festooned vehicle? Ack! The first thing you should probably be doing at this point is getting someone to read the codes - if that means buying a code reader for forty bucks or whatever, its well worth it. That will tell you what the COMPUTER thinks is wrong, a definite advantage! The Mass Air Sensor (not massive - come to think of it, Camry not Camery) could well be the problem but probably the computer will tell you whats wrong.

June 2, 2008#2
I disconnected the battery to install the fuel pump and there are no codes. The car is my wife's work/lunchroom vehicle. It has 278,000 mi. I think I will run a wire (fused) direct to the pump with toggle switch.

June 6, 2008#3
Makes sense.

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