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New to Site, Veteran to Toyota
June 21, 2007

Just wanted to introduce myself, my names Pete and I came across the site by looking at old pictures of 1982 Toyota trucks, trucks (lowered of course) to be my ultimate favorite vehicle, always have been.

I am a life long fan of Toyotas, starting in 1988 when my friend in high school turned me onto them with his 1978 'couldnt break it" SR5 longbed truck, that truck was so much fun it wasnt even funny,We use to cruise around jamming to Bon Jovi "livin' on a prayer" still remember it like it was yesterday(tu) compared to my P.O.S. 1976 Chevy Luv with that Isuzu motor. Electric fuel pump wiring came loose about twice a week, really sucked driving home out in the country at 11.30 at night after work no offense to anyone intended, would have been a great truck with a 20R and a 5speed trans from a Toyota. Guess I should have been smarter and figured out a way that the wiring would not come loose,butt connecters maybe but after a few times I switched to Toyota and have had a 19 year love affair ever sense, we're still on our honey moon (:D

I have owned the following vehicles and still own 3 today:
1978 Toyota Celica GT (stock)
1980 Toyota L/B 2WD (Lowered)
1982 Toyota L/B SR5 2WD (Lowered)
1986 Toyota Truck S/B (Lowered)
1988 Toyota Celica GT (stock)

2002 Toyota Tacoma SR5 E/C (lowered in the near future) (currently own)
2003 Toyota Toyota 4 Runner SR5 (Stock) (currently own)
2005 Toyota Corrola LE (Stock) (currently own)

Very impressed with the site so far, really enjoyed reading about past history.
Talk to you later,

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