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Need some advice on the Yaris
June 12, 2008
Hi, I'm a new college graduate as of this week and I'm going to be buying a new car so I was hoping to find someone here who knows about cars. I need this to drive around boston in (so they need to be able to handle in the snow). My parents are helping me out with the down payment so this is pretty much it for my price range (I dont want to have to take on much more debt). I've narrowed it down to the Toyota Yaris, the Honda Fit and the Hyundai Accent. Anyone see a clearcut winner between these? Right now I'm leaning towards the Yaris because I'm partial to Toyotaa. Here are the car choices:

June 13, 2008#1
I dont know how they came in the snow but I'd bet all three are good; front wheel drive with skinny tires works well. Toyota certainly has the edge on quality, especially with the Yaris. Hyundai's quality has shot up and is pretty good now.

June 26, 2008#2
Yaris is a great choice if looking for a nice/good on gas car.

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