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My 1979 starlet KP60 from DR
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January 25, 2009, 1:49 PM
as you can see this is my starlet KP60 1979, this model was not imported to the US

Toyota Starlet.


Engine: 2T-C
-twin TWM 45mm sideDraft
-MSD 6al con coil accel racing & spark plug wires 8mm Cardinals
-Rear diff Datsun pick up 70's Series WELDED
-Tranny T50 with Clutch full racing

color: orange
Rims: JDM Watanabe RS8 Eight Spoke SpeedStar Front 15" rear 16"
-JDM Fender Mirrors
-HID 10,000K
-Driver seat mine's Autolook
-it doesnt has a lot of things but it its just to have fun

the car has more than 8 years with this paint job, i hope you like it

Erick Mañón

asi la tenia guardada pero con cover

out from my dads mechanic shop, finally to the house =)...

the with one is property of my cousing with 4AGZE inside

with my friend's corolla 1.8 with nissan sr20det

well i know the car is not complete with some things but im waiting to make new things, changing the color etc...

a video

February 2, 2009, 3:54 PM
Great classic car - great progress, keep up the good work.

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