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June 11, 2007
Alright, im thinking of getting my 2006 Corolla S lowered with some TEIN springs. The thing i need to change the struts as well?? or Just take out the old spring and pop in the new ones??? Also, will the stock struts be able to handle the new springs?? Please, guys help or point me out to a direction..THANKS!!

June 12, 2007#1
You can use the OEM struts - but you will wear them out very quickly. To get the most out of performance springs, best to pair them with performance struts that were designed for lowering applications.

OEM ones will work in the short term - but can wear out as fast as a few months. That means you will have to take the springs off, replace the struts, and reinstall them again. For some - they dont mind the work, especially if they do it themselves. For others - that means paying someone twice to do one job.

June 16, 2007#2
thanks! Ill keep that in mind in the future project. Right now im planning to get me a MagnaFlow exhaust. Thanks anyways!!

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