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Landcruiser 80 series 1993 auto..problems
December 2, 2006
Hi can anyone help me here, My power button on the dash that engages extra boost for overtaking, the light is not coming on. and there is no boost of energy,can anyone tell me what has gone wrong? I am going on holiday in a few days and desperately need to get it fixed. Could you E mail me with, thanks, very grateful

December 4, 2006#1
You mean that ECT button for the transmission? Hard to say - could be any number of issues - anywhere from an electrical issue (bad contact, broken or loose wire) to a bad transmission shift solenoid or worse. The ECT button just enables a different shift stategy for the transmission - allows the transmission to shift later and more eager to downshift.

First thing I would check would be switch itself - see if when the switch provides 12V to the ECU PWR signal line. Since the light is not coming on - this would rule out if it is a switch issue or wiring issue. If the switch provides 12V power to the ECU - then you potentially have problems with the shift solenoid in the transmission itself. If you had regular maintenace of the transmission fluid and used approved fluids - this would be a less likely scenario.

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