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ipod2car issues
May 18, 2007
I am newish here to the forum. I guess I will start by saying hi... HI. I am looking for installation instructions for a peripheral ipod2car for my toyota camry 2006. They made it sound really easy but they didnt provide me with radio removal instructions, only instructions that will help once the radio is removed. Does anybody have a pdf or is there a post somewhere with instructions? Once I hook it up ill tell you all how this thing works out


May 19, 2007#1
Well, i learned this the hard way with my old Nissan 240sx. Take it to a car acessory place. Those people are experienced (i hope) and should know what they are doing.
They also know how to leave it looking good! Just observe how they do it, so next time you know how to install the gadget. Its worth the cash because if they mess up, THEY have to fix for free (or file a small claims suite, works all the time). So yeah.

May 23, 2007#2
That was probably a good idea for most people but I am stubborn. I called the place where i bought it from and they told me about , went there and bought complete instructions for like 3 bucks. Did the install my self and love it!!

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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