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How-To: Replace the Oil Pan on a \'98 Corolla
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August 05, 2011, 11:43:46 PM
Hello ToyoLand peeps!

I\'m a recreational Toyota mechanic and full-on Toyota aficionado here that would like to share a write-up on replacing an oil pan on a \'98 Corolla. This is a moderately intensive mechanical job so if you\'re a beginner when it comes to turning a wrench then I recommend enlisting the help of a more intermediate mechanic :)

1) Drain the engine oil.

2) Remove or disconnect the following:

Negative battery cable. On vehicles equipped with an air bag, wait at least 90 seconds before proceeding.
Under covers
Front exhaust pipe
Oil pan mounting bolts and nuts
Oil pan, cutting off the applied sealer.

To install:

1) Remove any old sealant from the oil pan flange and thoroughly clean the sealing surface.

2) Install or connect the following:

Oil pan. Tighten the bolts and nuts in several passes. Bolts and nuts: 80 inch lbs. (9 Nm).
Front exhaust pipe
Negative battery cable
Under covers

3) Fill the engine with clean oil.

4) Start the vehicle, check for leaks and repair if necessary.
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