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Has anybody been doing business with
July 25, 2008
Has anybody been doing business with (cool-sale)

I want to buy a DVD radio with GPS Navigation for my Camry. The Radio looks very nice with a reasonable price.but i am not sure if they are Scam or not, They can support Paypal but i still not very sure as i have heard so many guys cheated by Chinese company.

I will be very appreciated If anybody can give me some advise about it.

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July 30, 2008#1
I've heard of the site - some have bought some "knock-off" iPods and similar - but good luck, if you want any warranty work. Since you do not see any products at hand - the chance of getting the "correct" part would be pretty tough - plus you have to deal with customs, and the language barrier - that is pretty tough. I personally would take the hit in cost to buy something like that locally - or from a reputable online retailer - like Crutchfield.

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