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fuel tank
July 2, 2006
This just started a couple weeks ago. When I try to fill my tank after about 1/3 of a gal. goes in it acts like my tank is full and shuts the pump off. I have tried multiple gas stations and my father inlaw (who owns his own mechanics shop) can not figure it out. There is nothing blocking the pipe or the vents. I own a 2000 Toyota Corolla.

July 2, 2006#1
Is it possible that the fuel level sending unit is busted and that the tank is really full but the gas gauge isnt registering?

July 5, 2006#2
I take it the pump "kicks" back? Did you try slowly filling the tank - might kick out a few times, but after a few tries it takes it. Could be caused by an EVAP system malfunction (computer/vacuum controlled) - not allowing the tank to
"breathe" - effectively causing the gas to backup the fill tube, kicking the gas pump. Had a similar issue - ended up being the cut-off valve that sit on top of the tank (lots of work to get to - drop tank, pull little rubber gasket out, replace, reinstall. Sometimes the EVAP system will get wise and start working again - pretty commom issue with 8th gen Corollas (1998-2002).

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