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first toyota dealer in the US
October 17, 2007
I am the grandson of the first Toyota dealer in the Us . It all started in 1957 in Larkspur California in Marin County ( San Francisco Bay Area ) . Only two Vehicles were available , the Toyopet sedan and the land cruiser . San Francisco was where the first distribution center was set up . The highlight of my grandfather's pioneer Toyota dealership was a personal visit to his home and showroom from Mr Toyoda the president of the company ( from Japan ) . His visit was to thank him for his being the first dealer in the US . He presented my Grandfather with two seiko watches which I still pocess .I still have all the orginal ads , dealer licence plate frames , and many photos of the dealership . The dealership came to a close in 1968
with the passing of my grandfather . In addition to being the first dealer he also pocessed the largest classic car collection west of the Mississippi . He had over 100 classics including Hupmobiles , Packards , reos , Dodges , Franklins , Marlots ,Plymouths , Grahams , etc. Best wishes to all Toyota fans out there . I sure enjoy my Toyota . I think my grandfather would have been pleased with Toyota's world success .

July 8, 2008#1
NOTE: If ANYONE has info concerning the first two Toypets that came to the US, or any information concerning the first dealers in San Francisco and Los Angeles...please contact me....or if you know how I can get history on a specific Toyopet we just purchased (I have negine number, frame number, etc....)

I am in desperate need of your help. Your post is a gold mine online to me. I am trying to research and possibly come to San Francisco and photograph, video, interview whatever and whomever I can in connection with a 1958 Toyopet that we just purchased. It was given to the Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco. We know that for sure from the Title and California registration forms that we have.....

I have contacted the Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco's office and hopefully they will find something, articles, etc....

We think the car we have is one of the first Toyopets. We really hope it is one of the first TWO Toyopets in the US as seen in this photo:

....can you contact me? I have many questions and I think you may be able to help.

We'd love to come to San Francisco and photo/video the first dealer location - if the building is still there...etc....and possibly interview you for this documented trip of this car.

thanks for anything you can tell me.

Daron Pitts
Tupelo, Mississippi

July 31, 2008#2
Good morning

I am a new member on this forum. I am looking for information leading to the dealerships in California from the late 50's that may of sold 1958 to 1963 Toyopets. I have a 1958 Toyopet and I am looking for some history on these cars.Also if anyone may have leads on parts for these cars. Any help is appreciated. Please visit my website at to see the story on this 58 Toyopet.

Frenchy Dehoux

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