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corollaS 2004 USA vs corollaALTIS 2003 Philippines
January 26, 2011
I have a corolla S 2004 model in the US, and im here in the Philippines for vacation.
Im trying to buy some accessories for my car but for some reason, toyota Philippines Company said that the size of both car is different.
is this really true? can someone help me out... both cars have the same style, everything... but im not really sure if both cars have the same size in length and in width.

thanks guys

January 31, 2011#1
Depends on what accessories you want to get and which model you are trying to match it too. Sticking with the same generation, the US and JDM models variants are very similar dimensionally. Some things, like lamp housings (rear tail lamps) are swappable, though the electrical systems are slightly different. The US car may not like the LEDs of the JDM Altis model. Also the LHD to RHD distinction between the models, will make some accessories not work. Grills should fit, bumpers may or may not fit, dependings on the options (fogs). Most body kits can be made to fit, some modifications will be necessary as not all the bodies will have the same hole/clip locations.

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