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Corolla Vibration
July 2, 2006
I just purchased a 96 Toytoa Corolla with 130K miles for my daughter. The front end sounds somthing like a square tire on a smooth road. Additionally, at 80 mph test drive the car began to shake pretty bad. Car has Goodyear tires with no unusual wear and the drive shaft boots are all intact. The steering wheel seems to be oriented 1-2 degrees left when driving straight. No signs of significant front end damage to the car. Thanks for any advice.

July 5, 2006#1
Definitely sounds like a bent wheel or a wheel out of balance/out of round. Could also be a bad CV joint (sometimes they click when you turn), a bad wheel bearing (usually makes a high pitched noise, most of the time), a bent hub / flange (really hard to check - have to have them do a runout by hand), loose or worn drive axle, or something terriblly wrong with the transmission or suspension.

Easy stuff first - try swapping the front wheels to the back and see if the vibration/shaking moves, even try the spare tire to test things (sometimes all wheels can be bent). If it does - you narrowed it down to a wheel(s). Otherwise - you are left with something with suspension or other non-wheel related components.

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