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Corolla transmission tampered-with
August 20, 2006
I just bought a 2004 Toyota Corolla. I suspect the transmission has been tampered with. Is there a number somewhere I can use to know whether I am right?

Please help. I dont know what to do.


August 21, 2006#1
What number are you looking for, VIN? Part no? Type of tranmission, Auto Manual?

What makes you suspect it was tampered with?

In any case, the vehicle VIN number may be on the transmission (usually it is on a metal tag that is secured on the top of the transaxle - same with body panels having a little sticker with the VIN). For a 2004 Corolla with an Automatic transmission - the model number is A246E. Manual transmission - the model is C59.

Also look up you model code - should be on a metal tag under the hood or on the door/door jam area. Would be something like ZZE130 L- DSPDKK or similar. Usually the 10th digit in refers to the type of transmission was installed at the factory. M for 5-speed manual, P for 4-speed auto.

August 21, 2006#2
Thanks !

It is an automatic transmission.

It just didnt feel the same when I drove the car the first time and now that I bought it. I remember it was smooth to shift from parking to drive and from drive to reverse and now it is not.

I will check the numbers suggested by you and let you know.

August 21, 2006#3
Well - some transmission will do that until you drive the car enough to have it learn your particular shift strategy. Same thing happens when you let a family member drive the car for a week or two and they return it back to you. The car will drive quite differently than when you drove it previously. The transmission in the Corolla is a "learning" transmission - will take a while before it settles down.

Also check to make sure that the fluid level is OK - the 9th generation Corolla (2003+) tend to be hard on transmission fluid and fluid changes will require Toyota Type T-IV ATF. Use of any other kind will tend to alter shifting characteristics or even damage the transmission. If the car was "serviced" before you bought it - make sure if they changed the fluid, that it was teh correct type. Also, I tend to avoid transmission fluid flushes - most will do more damage than good. If you got a flush right before you picked up the car - that probably explains the odd behavior.

Good luck.

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