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Corolla 2003-2007 cabin noise
December 17, 2007
My corolla with 2200 miles on it seems to have quite a bit of cabin noise. There is rattling and some squeeking coming from the dashboard area, front windows, and also the glove compartment. Is this normal or is somethign loose? The noise isnt a performance issue but more of a comfort level thing. It is really annoying when driving on a slightly bumpy road and hearing all these noises.


December 20, 2007#1
First thing I would do is bring it back to the dealership - I assume this is a newer Corolla and probably still covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Many dealerships also have a 12 month / 12,000 mile NVH (noise, vibration, harseness) warranty as well. Chances are, it is a either a gap that is too tight in the dash or something is loose under the dash. Usually fixed with some lubricating spray for one and some foam shims on the the other. On first model year 9th gen Corollas (2003) there were somes issues with panel fitment (gap in the dash and the radio), squeaks around glovebox, and excessive wind noise around windshield - most were addressed with simple redesigned parts or technician ingenuity.

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