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corolla 2000 hesitate
May 31, 2010
My 2000 Corolla hesitate sometimes when I accelerate. I give it a little acceleration and it does't react ( move). It do that problem for the day and after the car is fine for 1 to 3 weeks.

It didnt do the problem when I go to see my corner garagist. The car have 100,000 miles or 125,000kms

Can somebody help me ?

June 2, 2010#1
Need a bit more information:

- What maintenance has the car seen (what has been serviced or not service to this point)?

- Other than not wanting to accelerate, have you noticed anything else out of the ordinary (rough idle, excessive shaking, etc.)?

- Does this happen at low speeds, high speeds, etc.?

- Does that problem happen for the whole day the car is run, just for a couple of minutes into the drive, etc.?

- Any significant event that precedes this behavior (car sits overnight or longer, just filled up the gas tank, etc.)?

- Any check engine light during this time?

There are quite a few things that could cause the behavior that you've described. Many are maintenance related, could need anything from new plugs to a good throttle body and MAF sensor cleaning. Could be transaxle related or just a bad tank of gasoline. Given the mileage and age - I'd look into having a comprehensive tuneup down, if you havent already gotten it done. That will take care of the most likely culprits, like - clogged air filter, clogged PCV valve, vacuum leak, dirty MAF/IAT sensor, gummed up throttle body, faulty coil on plug modules, dirty fuel injectors.

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