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Check Engine Light - 2000 Camry
December 8, 2008
Got a new code I need help with - P0446 (so says Auto Zone)

Any help on how to check this out and trouble shoot would be appreciated !

December 8, 2008#1
From this list (keep in mind most of these are universal):

P0446 EVAP Vent Solenoid Valve Control System

Thats the evaporative air system - you know, the gas tank to charcoal canister thing that prevents gasoline vapors from polluting the outside air. Apparently there's an issue with the control system. Usually if its just a loose gas cap it registers as a leak rather than the control system.

December 8, 2008#2
So, would I need to go under the car to see if there are loose wires ?

ANy idea how to reset the computer cycle ? Its a 4 cyl.

Thanks !

December 8, 2008#3
The correct way is to clear it with a handheld scanner. Otherwise, you can pull the negative terminal off the battery, leave it off for a little bit and then reconnect it (be mindful of any anti-theft equipment, some do not like main power being removed in this fashion).

Once that clears the code - drive a bit more and see if it comes back. If it does, and it is the same code, your probably looking at a bad vacuum line or bad valve on the EVAP system. They are not particularly complicated - but the shear number of hose running to and from them and the all the valves, make diagnosing it better left to pros.

When I got my EVAP code(s) P0440 ,P0441,P0446 - brought it into the dealership to diagnose. Once they reported a reasonable culprit, I bought the part at the dealership and repaired it myself. Paid $85 for a diagnostic - saw the technician spend about two hours diagnosing the whole system, came back with a bad cut-off valve and potentially bad vapor canister - was quoted $350 for the canister and valve and little more than 4 hours of labor for a total of arpim $800 and change including shop fees. I just bought the cut-off valve for about $30, spend half a day checking the EVAP system and replacing the valve - no more CEL.

I've seen this code pop up and a lot of vehicles, including the 4th gen Camrys and 8th gen Corollas, in particular. About 80% of the time - it was do to the habit of "topping the gas tank off". If you do that on a regular basis, now is the time to stop - continued overfilling will saturate the vapor canister with liquid gasoline, which is destroy the charcoal inside. If you have not been doing this, then you probably have a stuck EVAP vent valve - given enough time, they will go bad. About a $70 part.

May 21, 2009#4
These two sites might help. [] and []

June 6, 2009#5
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June 9, 2009#6
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