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Carolinas All Toyota Meet
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May 22, 2008, 8:26:33 PM
I really want to get a Carolina Toyota meet going. I just dont want to limit this to 6th gens, but other celica generations and other toyota models like mr2, supra, corolla, and whoever else wants to come. I'm thinking maybe the 2nd or 3rd weekend in July. I know with gas being high driving may be an issue so if you cant make the trip thats ok. I'm gonna start scouting for a good meeting place this weekend and maybe work on a flyer.

I was thinking we could meet up, hang out, maybe go for a cruise and get a bite to eat or something I dont know I'm open to suggestions. I know there is one 6th gen ST hatch, one 1977 Celica GT coupe, and one Mk IV Supra I could get to come. I really want to see this happen, any inputs would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Location has been confirmed I have permission from the mall management to hold the meet there!
Date: July 12th 2008
Location: Rock Hill Galleria mall parking lot
2301 Dave Lyle Boulevard
Rock Hill, SC 29730

here's a map


The meet will be held on the backside of the mall next to the Steve & Barry's (if you are looking at the Steve & Barry's sign it is the empty lot directly to the left) . When you get on to Dave Lyle Blvd go about 2-3 lights down look for the Rock Hill Honda dealership it will be on your left. Turn left at that light. Go all the way down until it dead ends and make a right followed by an immediate left onto the mall's "main road" you should see the Steve & Barry's and the parking lot on your right. Also I think it would look cool if all of the different models parked together, but thats just my opinion

Cliff Notes
left at Honda dealership
right at dead end road
find Steve & Barry's

As far as the cruise there's a few ways we can go, either route 122 east to waterford road, which leads to a fairly deserted two lane road. Route 122 west is more scenic with four lanes, lots of trees and photo op locations. We can decide which way to go when we all meet up. Hope to see you and your rides there!!

*For the Shaw/Sumter guys, there will be a caravan starting from the food lion on 378 just outside the main gate. We ride out at 10:00am

July 8, 2008, 7:38:03 PM
wow forgot about this thread yea the meet is still on if you guys want to come and join us. hope to see you all there!!

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