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carb. problems
December 13, 2006
:S Having problems with carb. on 1990 Toyota pickup. 22R 4 speed manuel, floods until it reaches operating temperature then it runs fine. mileage is suffering. have cleaned carb and rebuilt, same problem. Any suggestions?

December 14, 2006#1
X(carb. is still flooding. took it apart again. anyone toyota mechanics in the room?

December 14, 2006#2
What do you mean by flooding - is gas pouring out of the carb (shut engine off and see if the gas still flows out), or is the engine just bogging down - engine hesistation?

If this does this when only cold and improves when hot - may not be a carb issue. Could be a problem with the choke, bad fuel pressure regulator, clogged EVAP system (charcoal canister), clogged vent, etc.

Also what setup is this on your 22R - is it the single or dual 45 DCOE carbs. I assume the rebuild kit your changed the accelerator pumps and made sure to soak it enough to make sure everything was clean - all o-rings in place, needles are clean, new carb gasket, all vacuum lines in place, etc.

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