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Anyone know how these ipod adapters work?
January 3, 2007
hey guys,

i have a nano ipod and i'm thinking of buying an ipod adapter for it for in my car. i want to listen to quality audio, rather than my terrible cd player/fm transmitter (for ipod).

does anyone know the best one i can get?

i actually think they're selling exactly the same product 'neo ipod adpater'.

it seems to be a good one.

what do you guys think, any feedback would help.


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January 4, 2007#1
Depends on the vehicle and the current OEM headunit. Most work by plugging into the, usually unused, CD changer port - on the back of the factory headunit. That way, it able to run line level inputs into the stereo. Much better sound quality than with an FM transmission job. Most Toyota OEM stereos do not have an input or RCA jacks on the back. Most of these adapters just tap into the pins on the bad and gives you something better to physically plug in the iPod into. Many companies have started to make there products - some call it an iPod adapter, others call it the Toyota-AUX adapter - usually they are talking about the same thing. you just have to make sure that your radio is one that they list - if not, then you have to go with an aftermarket headunit (usually the easiest way + get more flexibility later down the road).

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