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97 Camry hyper blinker condition
October 23, 2006
I have a 1997 camry with an odd condition...when any lights are on (headlights, brakelights, running lights) the turn signal (when on) goes into a hyper blink mode (about double the normal speed). When no other lights are on the blink is normal.

I checked all the blubs and everything is working...any ideas about what might cause this condition?


October 24, 2006#1
Sounds like an impedance mismatch (bulbs) or a flasher/relay problem. This is especially true if there are LED replacement lights in place of the incandescent bulbs. Also, a bulb can read OK or look OK - but one of the filaments could be on the brink of going out. I would also check that there is not a connection issue (bad connection in the bulb socket itself). Lastly, check the flasher relay - could be a faultly flasher or a bad relays somewhere that is overheating from the additional power draw from the extra lights.

Double check the fuses, relays under the hood and by the kick panel - then try swapping bulbs out and see what happens. If you remove a bulb and the problem goes away - you found the faulty bulb or socket.

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