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87 Camry 2.0 Manual Question About Engine Idle Dropping Down Low
March 21, 2010
Hello to all I have a 87 Camry 2.0 manual and have the following problem. Only when the car is extremely hot (been driving it a while) and then you turn off engine then try to start it again after 2 minutes or so the car will start right up but the rpm's will drop way low to 400 sometimes lower and sound like it will cut off. The problem so far is easily fixed by giving it a lot of gas then driving the car or turning the car off and starting it again. The wired thing is it only does it intermittently not all the time and only when the car is hot and has been driven a lot.
Things I have done to try to fix this. Taken off the EGR and try to clean it. It was so dirty I replaced with new EGR. After replacing the EGR it has only done the same problem 2 times again but not as bad as before replacement of EGR. However it still did it 2 times after replacing EGR which indicates to me there is another problem at hand here. The car also has a new radiator, starter, battery, alternator, thermostat, air filter, belts all, and a new radiator cap. Please advise and help me as to if someone out there on the forums knows what this problem is or has experienced a similar problem and what can be done to fix this problem. Thanks very much for you help.

March 22, 2010#1
Did you take a look at the vacuum modulator for the EGR system? Possible that the diaphragm for the modulator is leaking or broken, same applies to the vacuum lines. EGR tube is generally clogged, so replacing the EGR itself is a good idea. But if the modulator isnt working as well as it should, it may not be This is pretty common when the car is fully up to temperature - as this can happen when you try to slow to a stop from high speed. Also possible that the exhaust side is completely coked up with carbon deposits. More likely to affect a car that has sit for some time.

Here is a link to an example EGR modulator, just to get a general feel of the layout - also has some diagnostic troubleshooting at the end of the PDF:

March 22, 2010#2
Wow thanks very much for that info I really like your diagram info very helpful...... I did replace the egr modulator filter but I need to inspect the modulator more after reading your article/info. Thanks again and if you can think of anything else to help me let me know. Oh BTW the car did sit for a long time about 2 months I dont know if this makes a difference or not. The cars milage is 165k.

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