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22R swap
January 15, 2007
Will the 22R out of an 83 Toyota truck fit in an 86 toyota truck. Both 22R, both carburated. All help appreciated. Thanks.

January 15, 2007#1
Yes - the 22R engines from 1981-1996 can all be possible candidates for a swap -depending on what you need, you can even source them from a Toyota Celica or 4runner truck. Usually better to keep the same model year, if possible - since this will allow you to retain most of the wiring and pollution control equipment. Keep in mind that in most areas that do smog checking - an older motor in a new car is considered an illegal swap and you will automatically fail emissions and/or safety/registration. Of cource that only applies to a complete engine swap - if you are after the short block, that is a different matter.

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