Can anyone tell me how to adjust secondary throat on a 22r motor on a 2wd hilux . doesnt seem to cut in at all

February 7, 2008#1
What kind of carb is this, Weber? Is this with vacuum advance? What are you trying to adjust - the idle, to fix a stumble at higher revs, etc.?

February 13, 2008#2
sorry didnt get back earlier, had the car at the trimmers. Its just a standard carby cant see the brand and it feels like the 2nd jet isnt cutting in, where normally you can feel it . can email photo if u have email address cheers Eddy

February 26, 2008#3
Not sure if you found a solution to this or not - but I've seen that other with a similar issue found that it could be either a dirty fuel jet or something amiss with the vacuum/mechanical advance on the secondary, There is a metering rod that controls fuel flow to the secondary jet - this extra fuel is pulled in via engine vacuum at WOT - there is a little choke like flap that should be pulled down by the increase of vacuum to allow a richer air/fuel mix. If that secondary throttle plate is not pulled down because it is gummed up or otherwise sticking, it could act like the secondary isnt cutting in at all.


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