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20R motor mods
December 28, 2006
I'm curently restoring a mean&lean looking 77 celica GT lift backB)- with a stock 20R motor. I'd like to beef up her performance. I've found loads of great links to info on modifying 20R engines on this and other websites. Of particular interest to me were articles regarding the use of a 22R block with a 20R head which, included instructions for pistons, carbs, cam specs etc. However, i've still yet to find out the potential end result BHP of such conversions/modifications (ie. is it worth the bother or should i try and get an 18-RG?). I would also like to know if it would be possible to install a supercharger or CT-20 Turbo following such a mod? If anyone can be of assistance regarding any or all of these issues (other links or personal experiance) it would be greatly appreciated.:)-D Cheers!

December 28, 2006#1
To get a figure for power is very hard - as it depends on the tuning and what other power adders were added to the 20R/22R hybrid.

As you probably picked up in the articles - the 20R head flows better than the 22R head. What that means for power depends on how you use that extra flow. Power gains can be as little as no gain to as much as 15-25HP at the flywheel high revs. The 22R engines are known to be torque producers, the 20R engines for howerpower producers - kind of counterintuitive since the 20R has a slightly longer stroke to bore, the 22R having a larger bore to stroke - but that what it turnes out to be. Better to say with a freer flowing head - other modifications. like forced induction or bigger cams will help produce more power (engine has more tuning potential). A 22R bottom end with a 20R head, turbocharged/intercooled (CT26 turbo from a Supra), fuel management, and boosted to 25PSI - runs about 350HP.

January 20, 2007#2
Thanks fishexpo for the info on the 20R mods. Had no idea it was possible to crank that much hp out of that engine with a TC. I thought figures like that were only Cosworth 4cyl territory. Well... i know what mods I'll be doing in the near future, especially now that i found a good local turbo/performance parts manufacturer/dealer.

Thanks again!!

BTW: Does anyone know if the scandinavian/european (70's,80's) 2.2 & 2.4Dsl engines bear any similarity to the north american 2.2(20R) & 2.4(22R) gasoline motors??? i.e. are any of the parts interchangable???

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