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2009 Corolla My History and Yours
January 18, 2009
I just purchased a new 2009 Corolla. White mono paint. I am interested in interacting with other owners about their Corollas with the same engine package and drive train and to develop a history blog here. I ran for 255,000 miles with a VW Golf Diesel that finally blew the Turbo. The $1500 repair bill pushed me into a new car as I commute about 170 miles a day. Fuel ecomny was 50 mpg with that car. What are others getting with the Corolla?

One item I like about the VW was the availability of the Vag-Com OBD2 interface where you could diagnose your own problems with a laptop scanner. Is there anything like this available for the Corolla?

My first question is about whether the engine is an interference engine and what is the timing chain (belt) life?

I look forward to hearing from other owners.


January 18, 2009#1
All cars today can e diagnosed with a handheld or computer based scanner; its a standard required by the US Gov't (OBD3).

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