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May 4, 2007
Alright people, if you go to the Corolla link and go to, and click on the COROLLA XRS link on the left of the screen, you will see a review of the Corolla XRS along with pictures. In one of the pictures the hood is open and showing the motor and also i saw that there is also a Strut bar on the XRS!

I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING ALL OVER FOR A GOOD STRONG STRUT BAR AND HAVE NOT FOUND ONE LIKE THE ONE ON THE PICTURE!! Does anybody know where i can find one so i may purchase it!! I despairly need it since i have to drive on curvy roads all the time!! THANKS A LOT!!!!

May 4, 2007#1
Have you already done the more important steps like replacing the tires? The strut bar is part of a larger package that includes retuned shocks and higher quality tires. I found that simply swapping the Goodyears for Yokohama Avid MD-H4 tires - not a huge cost - did a tremendous amount for cornering. Now I've switched to BFG Traction T/A, by the way...

May 4, 2007#2
Ive already Have Falken tires on it and it has good grip. I just need the front strut bar. Thanks!

May 4, 2007#3
Did you try Toyota service department? Tell 'em you have an XRS ;) actually the junkyard services might be better. There's lots of aftermarkets too, like Addco.

May 4, 2007#4
Yeah, i already called the dealership and even showed them this site ( where i saw the strut bar, but they said it was a after part. I could try the junk yards but they might not even have them (xrs), they are pretty rare around here (backwoods). THanks.

May 4, 2007#5
Probably insanely pricey anyway... Addco doesnt make one?

May 4, 2007#6
Addco only has sway bars. I kinda dont want a sway bar, or maybe i just couldnt find their strut bars.

May 5, 2007#7
The XRS strut bar is not 100% rigid - actually was designed to "give" a bit. Thats why Toyota calls it a strut damper and not a strut bar. Dont think that is what you are after.

They make aftermarket ones for the 9th gen Corolla - just gets ones for a 2003+ application, they will fit fine on your car.

Also like Dave mentioned - a strut bar is an integral part of the whole suspension system. Doesnt do you any good to throw on a strut bar without beefing up the rest of the suspension or upgrade some key parts - with those mods, it is just for show.

May 7, 2007#8
Ok thanks. I already ordered one of, a Megan Racing. I also plan to get me some Tein springs and replace my Falken tires with a fresh set soon (i need money!). Thanks though!!

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