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2004 Sienna Drivers Door
June 29, 2007
I want to make owners of newer Sienna vans aware of a problem with the drivers door. There is a "detent strap" that is attached to the door that several owners are having trouble with the way it attaches to the door. Its bolted to a bracket and the bracket is spot welded to the door. The spot welds are failing and this causes a noise when the door is opened and shut. Dealers are independant and approch this problem differantly. If it falls under the 3/36 warranty its taken care of. If you are out of that warranty, you might be out of luck, depending on your dealer. I found a forum for Sienna vans that has statements from many people that this is happening all over the country. My local dealer said that its out of warranty (by 2 months and 3,800 miles) and that its not a recall at this time, but that they have seen this and were willing to pay for half of the repair. I called another dealer and they said, yes we know of the problem, bring your van in and we will take care of it as a warranty itme.

I am urging anyone who has had this problem, even if it was taken care of under warranty, to call "Toyota Consumer Affairs" and let them know about it. The phone number is 800-331-4331. This only takes a few minutes and could help a fellow Sienna ower down the line.

July 4, 2007#1
Thanks for the heads up on this.

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