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2003 Camry SE shuts off
July 11, 2009

My 2003 SE turned off twice this week while waiting at a stop and or red light sign; Any suggestions?

July 13, 2009#1
Need a little more information on this.

DId you see a check engine light? Did this do this right after a fillup? How did the car shut off at the light and surrounding circumstances. Did it shutdown after running hard (drive on a freeway, then after taking an exit, died at the end when coming to a complete stop)? Or does it shutdown seemingly randomly? Does the car give you any warning - shaking, idle drops, etc.before it dies? Engine driveability otherwise? Smooth? How's gas mileage? This on an automatic or manual transaxle?

Unfortunantly, there a number of things that could be causing this - too many to go through without first narrowing it down some. One issue that seems to affect this year of Camry, give that it has an electronic throttle control - so called Drive-by-Wire control. If the ECM gets confused or the battery died sometime before, if you accidentally initiated a throttle position reset (step on gas pedal with ignition on but not running), or if someone forced the throttle plate open by hand instead of driving it open by computer - could cause the engine to cut out due to mixed signals sent to the ECM. On 2005+ Corollas that suffered a similar situation - it was tracked down to bad ECMs. I dont remember that being the case for Camrys.

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