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2002 Camry SE Wheel Covers
March 7, 2009
Has anyone had problems with wheel covers coming off? I lost one and assumed it was stolen. Now the second one is gone. I saw something online about there being a problem with them staying on. Any suggestions? Thank you.

March 9, 2009#1
Sure it is not some neighborhood kids being stupid and stealing them off the car?

If you hit a big enough pothole or speed bump - it could cause them to pop off. Either tthat or they were not pressed on far enough to begin with.

I've had OEM wheel covers on my various Toyota cars, and only one has ever come off on its own. That was my fault, I ran over a water covered pothole that turned out to be deep enough to bend the steel wheel.

This the OEM wheel cover of aftermarket? I've noticed that some aftermarket ones have some poor springs or none at all - that might be contribuing to them coming off.

April 22, 2009#2
I have a 2003 SE and have lost multiple wheel covers too!
Order your original OEM replacements from

I have ordered 4 separate times and the replacements are phenomenal!

Good luck!

July 25, 2009#3
I have a 04 Camry and we've lost about 8 wheel covers so far. Last weekend we took a weekend trip and lost two of them. It must be a bad design having plastic clip. When they get old or weakened the clips just dont hold the wheel cover tightly. Anytime I have someone work on the car - oil changes and so on, I always have to make sure that they havent joggled the wheel covers in the slightest or else they will fly off. Our local dealer charges about $70 per replacement.

July 25, 2009#4
Guess I am fortunate to have only lost two. The first one I got at the dealer for $70 also. The second one I got from $35 with free shipping. They are reconditioned. You cant tell the difference.

September 11, 2009#5
I have a 2004 Camry and lost my 4th wheel cover several weeks ago. I've been on a waiting list trying to get an OEM replacement. (I paid dealer price once and then was able to get a replacement online for less than half of that price when the 2nd and 3rd one came off). Found out I was at least 5 deep on a waiting list and finally switched my order to after market wheel covers. Never had trouble with them before this car and I've driven Toyotas for years. Definitely a design flaw on Toyota's part.

September 21, 2009#6
Pretty wild. On my 3rd gen Camry - the aftermarket wheel covers were the ones that fitted poorly. Never had a problem with OEM - guess thats why the one day, someone stole them off the car.

Be interesting to see if this is an issue with a particular generation / make of wheel cover and/or make of steel wheel.

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