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1995 sr5 pickup question
August 13, 2006
have a 95 pickup 4x4 and the 4wd light on the dash is not working. switch tests good on the transfer case. maybe the light is bad in the dash? any ideas? thanks!

August 13, 2006#1
Normally when you switch the key to the run position all the lights go on as a test of the lights. If the light doesnt go on at that time, its probably the bulb. At about 50 cents - $2 its worth replacing.

August 13, 2006#2
thanks! is it a job to pull the cluster out?

August 13, 2006#3
I dont know - I also dont even know if its necessary.

August 13, 2006#4
hi, i pulled the cluster and installed a new bulb. still no light.

August 13, 2006#5
You have something called an integration relay that controls most of the indicators on the gauge cluster. Did you check the bulb - was the original one burned out? On the poweron self test - did you notice any indicators that did not come on, like Dave suggested?

Make sure the easy stuff is checked off first - double check all fuses and bulbs - even having a blown fuse or bulb from a separate circuit can have weird results in others. Check all traces going to the lamps on the cluster - all oxidation on the terminals might cause a bad or intermittent connection. This is particularly true if you go mudding with the truck - even if you are careful, moisture and dirt can get everywhere.

This might require some back tracing of wires to their sensor or switch - could be the wire along the way has shorted agains the chassis or completely worn through - they do make signal injectors that run a high frequency signal in the line that can be picked up by a reciever keyed to the frequency - but simple hand tracing of wires can yield just a good a result as well as provide you with a visual inspection of the wire's insulation.

In any case, finding the wiring issue is tough, lots of work and eliminating other sources of failure can take some time. Good luck.

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