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1993 Camry ES300 Engine Rebuild
September 13, 2006
Stuck without a service manual and trying to determin if block is servicable or needs to be replaced. valve covers off head gasket needs replaced for sure havent yet begun to remove head I'm unsure what to do about two large allen shaped bolts in center of head. does anyone know if these have to come out to remove head or are they covers of some sort for bolts maybe?? I'm hoping someone knows or can tell me were to find the info online for free. I'm on a very limited income till next month and if these bolts must come out I'll need to make some type of tool to do it. I have come across allen bolts this big before. Just thought I'd ask someone that knew before I go and get ahead of myself. Glad I came across this forum in my searches. :S

September 13, 2006#1
I'm assuming you mean either a 1993 Toyota Camry or 1993 Lexus ES300 with the 3.0L V6? There is no Camry ES300 model that I know of - at least in the North American market.

Anyway - the engine is shared between them, a 3VZ-FE V6. A fairly commong engine so parts and info should be relatively easy to find. As being serviceable - depends on what happened to it. The engine is a 60 degree cast iron block with aluminum heads - the bottome end (block, crank) is usually pretty bulletproof - the heads you will have to check for warping (if replacing the headgasket - otherwise you might be just wasting your time).

If I am thinking of the correct allen head bolts - then they will have to come off, but there should be more than two of them. I would recommend getting the right tool for them as well as a torque wrench, if you dont already have them. Keep in mind that most of those bolts on the head are NOT reuseable - they were designed to stretch when torqued down correctly. Be a pain if you did all that work and had to break it back down for a broken stud.

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