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1990 Corolla Hard Start
July 12, 2006
Back to the Corolla again. Last week it was where is the thermostat on this 1.5 motor. Someone told me the thermostat is in the lower hose. Have not confirmed yet.
I now have a hard starting problem cant figure out. It only will do it when it wants. It seems like fuel related because it will turn over fine but takes 4-5 tries before it starts. It does not do it everyday. The other day it died at the store lot backing out and took quite a few tries to restart. First time it died like that. The only thing that may be common to these hard starts is it may have to do with the car being on an incline. Any help out there. Dan

July 13, 2006#1
Thermostat should be in the housing under the distributor on A series engines - though I could be wrong - been a while working on the A series. On the newer Corollas - they are in the lower radiator tube.

Two things to check - fuel and fire. Make sure you are getting fuel to the injectors - could be anything from a weak to clogged injectors, too low of fuel pressure, clogged fuel filter, hole in fuel line, or bad gas.

Ignition (fire) - I'd pull all the plugs and read them (check for plugs that show excessive wetting (no ignition), fouling, etc.) Could be anything from plugs, to plug wires, distributor (cap and rotor), coil, or grounding issue somewhere.

After these - it would be a sensor (O2 sensor, ECT sensor, etc.), emissions (clogged cat, clogged EGR, etc.) or vacuum related issue.

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