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1985 celica gt
June 1, 2007
Im trying to install a new radio in my celica gt. The problem is the wiring diagram in my haynes manual shows different colored wires that what is in the dash. Anyone know a better wiring diagram or what each wire corresponds to?


June 1, 2007#1
These are wiring colors for a 87-91 Camry, they should also work for you, hopefully. Toyota switched the wiring color around close to this model year, so you may have to find a factory Service manual for help. A website called used to have free downloads, but it looks like they require a password now.

Description, Toyota Wire COLOR, Aftermarket Wire COLOR

Right Front Speaker (+), Green, Gray
Left Front Speaker (+), Pink, White
+12 Volt Ignition Wire, Gray, Red
+12 Volt Battery Wire, Blue w/ Yellow Stripe, Yellow
Right Front Speaker (-), Blue, Gray w/ Black Stripe
Left Front Speaker (-), Purple, White w/ Black Stripe
Ground Wire, Black, Black
Right Rear Speaker (+), Red, Purple
Left Rear Speaker (+), Black, Green
Right Rear Speaker (-), White, Purple w/ Black Stripe
Left Rear Speaker (-), Yellow, Green w/ Black Stripe

June 2, 2007#2
Hey thanks a lot man, those actually match up. Saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks again.

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