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1984 Toyota Celica GT ground clearance
May 10, 2007
Hi, everyone. I am hoping someone can help me. We are investigating an accident that involved a 1984 Toyota Celica GT, and the minimum ground clearance of the car is at issue. We have learned from Toyota that the minimum ground clearance at the catalytic converter is 4.7 inches. Can anyone tell me what the clearance would be at the front of the car or how much lower the catalytic converter is than the rest of the undercarriage of the car? I appreciate any assistance anyone can give me. Thank you! ldidriksen

May 10, 2007#1
On a stock body? Stock suspension? Amount of miles on the vehicle and if they are OEM springs (Toyota has a reputation for soft springs, they could sag down quite a bit when older)?

I'd dont remember off hand, as I used to have a 3rd gen (1985) one - last of the RWD ones. But they only report the lowest point of the car - bumpers were not far off that, maybe an inch or two higher.

May 10, 2007#2
I would assume stock body, stock suspension. I dont know the miles either.

Thank you for the information you gave me. I appreciate any help!


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