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1958 Toyopet dream come true
August 13, 2008
Working for the best auto maker in the world Toyota is truly a dream especially after 30 years but to top this off by been able to locate a 1958 Toyopet is even better. Soon after working for Toyota in the late 70\'s I was hoping to locate an old Toyota to restore. For those of you who are following the history of the early 1958 Toyopet shipped in this country we know that they are in fact some of the rarest. As of today we know of only 5 1958 Toyopet that have survived we hope that more will be located. My Toyopet was found in a barn in Colousa Calif . After working on this project for the last ten months the car is now on the road. The first place the car was displayed was at the All Toyotafest this past May in Long Beach Calif. As of today the car was taken to one of our Toyota dealers Tim\'s in Prescott Arizona where it is on display at the new dealership until mid August. After this the car will be on display at various Toyota dealers in the metro Phoenix and Tucson dealers. One of the show that I will have the car displayed will be on October the 12th in Irvine Calif for the all Japanese car show and in the same month it will be at Toyota Corporate office in Torrance Calif for the Octoberfest on the 23rd Thursday. Now that this car will be on display at various Toyota dealers it is time for me to start on my other 1958 Toyopet project. This one can be seen on my website at under coming attractions,you can also see the story page on my other Toyopet semi restoration. If anyone has connections on being able to locate parts for this particular model please let me know. I know I have a big challenge ahead of me but dreams always come true with a lot of patience and support.

Thank You !!!

Jean- Louis Dehoux ( Frenchy )

Toyota Transport Operation Supervisor ( Phoenix AZ )

[Personal contact info removed by webmaster to protect Frenchy]


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