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08 Camry SE - JBL 6 disc changer & ASL question
February 27, 2008
Does the ASL (Automatic Sound Levelizer - volume changes with speed of vehicle) work on the radio? I have mine set to "on" but I dont notice the difference. The dealer says it works, but the volume level is so slight you wont notice it. I have friends with non-Toyota vehicles with this feature and you can clearly notice the sound level changing with the speed of their vehicles. Is there a trick to getting this to work?

Also, my CD changer has 2 options for random play. You can choose random on one disc or random on all discs. When I select the 'all disc random play' option, my system only randomly plays on the current disc. It doesnt change discs. My dealer said it will change discs after randomly playing all the songs on the current disc (which it does when the 'one disc random play' is selected). It has randomly played all the songs on the current disc and still never changed discs. Is this normal?

Am I expecting too much from this radio?

February 27, 2008#1
This has come up in other Toyotas - some have a three-level setting for ASL, some are just ON/OFF kind of thing. Only a few have noticed any difference in sound volume. It is supposed to change with vehicle speed - but only a few can tell that it works. Same deal with RDS on some - some get the information, some do not. My Matrix works just fine with RDS but lacks the ASL option - other car that I used to drive had it - I dont miss it at all.

Changer has two modes, like you mentioned, random and shuffle playing. In shuffle mode - it will switch discs - but you must set it to that mode. Many units by default will shuffle on the same disc (basically making it a random play mode rather than shuffle) - not sure how to enable that on the JBL system in the car.

Granted the JBL headunit is a nice unit - but experience has taught me to never buy an upgraded stereo system in the car if I have any chance of upgrading the system at a later date. Many times there are inline filters and components that tie the headunit to the speakers (tuned for each other). Replacing the system down the road without pulling up all the wiring may cause undesireable results (ie. new headunit = distorted sound through existing speakers due to tuned filtering). You are asking a lot from the headunit - Toyota tends to put the better stuff in Lexus models, for Toyota high end models - kind of hit or miss.

February 28, 2008#2
fishexpo101: Thanks for the response.

My ASL only has the On/Off feature and doesnt seem to work in the "on" position.

By default my system does play the dics from beginning to end before switching to the next disc. I can choose random play and that works great on the same disc over & over again. But yet when I pick the shuffle it still will only randomly play tracks on the one disc and not switch to other discs. I know a ton of people are negative about the JBL system. I had no choice on the radio as it came with the SE that they located for me. Anyway, I figure its under warranty for 3 yrs so I'd consider having them fix the radio to work like its supposed to. Perhaps I'll take another SE out for a test drive with the same radio & see if I notice any difference on these 2 features.

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